This is a market wrap up for 2018 for Rim Country, including Payson. People ask me every day “how’s real estate”? I’m flattered to be asked, but a good answer looks at the entire year. In fact, part of the answer is that sales have been good for at least 5 years, climbing out of the recession of 2008. Prices have been rising for that long. The last half of 2018 saw things level off due to several converging factors nationwide and that includes the Payson market. However, this is the wrap up for the year:

As they say, you can make statistics seem to say anything you want, but these are raw numbers and they don’t lie. There are many, many more metrics to describe the direction things are going. Perhaps the single most descriptive words are: robust, strong, solid or positive. Is it a seller’s market? Well, it’s not a buyer’s market. There are many good values and choices available.

People will still choose the best value among a group of choices that they see. Translated: your property should be priced within reason, should be in show-ready condition as much as possible and as attractive as you can make it appear when someone walks in the door. Contact me any time for a free opinion of value, a listing proposal or for information about any property in Rim Country. I enjoy the support of many past clients and repeat business.